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Ski Cargo Boxes – Where to Start?

Yakima cargo boxes are an excellent year-round gear-hauling phenom. They come in various lengths, widths, and styles to accommodate whatever excursion you set forth on. From week-long soccer tournaments, to cross country road trips. Holding up to the expansive paved roads crisscrossing the country to roads with limited access crisscrossing the backcountry

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Ben Hicks Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

#beoceanminded Ben Hicks – Fine Art Photographer, World Traveler, Conservationist, Entrepreneur, along with many other roles. A human who is truly trying to make a difference in this world and enjoying every step of it along the way. We’re here for it, and we support his efforts. A true adventurist – Ben has been traveling around the US, and Americas since 1999. He first built out a Ford F150, where he took to the road for 72 days, sleeping inside the cab, alongside by tent, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, fishing, and plenty of exploring. In 2007, he moved into a 4×4 van that was a bit more adventure ready – this time joining a crew that was documenting the Americas and

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EXO OpenRange

Open Unbelievable Not totally sure what this new box is from Yakima? Is it a cooler? Is it a satellite that fell from space? Even better, the Yakima EXO OpenRange is the ultimate outdoor kitchen organizer. Set it on your back seat, slide it into your truck bed, or secure it to your hitch using out Yakima EXO System. If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who has gone through the struggle of packing cooking supplies to go camping. Plates, bowls, cups, stove, spices, pots, pans, kettles, french press, utensils, etc. The list feels never ending, especially if you’re cooking for multiple people. Or maybe you’re extremely smart and planning to cook while camping for the first time. Either way,

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Rack Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Year-Round Vs. On n’ Off – There’s nothing wrong with keeping your gear mounts on your vehicle all year round. But, if you don’t plan on using them for a while, take them off. This prevents any unnecessary build-up of road grime and bugs. Whether you keep them on year-round or remove them after use, here are some helpful tips to increase their life span, and ease of use. Keep them clean DON’T GO THROUGH THE CAR WASH – If there’s one thing to take away from all these tips, it’s keeping your racks and gear mounts clean. Brush off any loose dirt and road grime…and bugs. Hand wash with an environmentally friendly soap. Never go through a car wash with

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Summer Road Trips Essential Packing Tips

pack it up, pack it in It’s summer – You’re ready for that perfect road trip you have planned. Your packing list is long and as it grows your car seems to be shrinking. Overpacking + small cars is a never-ending story we hear at Yakima. Our products are designed to help you take it easy. So, let’s dive into some essential packing tips for summer road trips. The Duffle Bags – You should probably bring some clothes. It’s 2023, we all have smart devices available with ways of checking the weather forecast. Pack according to the climate you’ll be in and what the weather is calling for. Fill the duffle bags with what you need and maybe pack an

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Kayla Lockhart and her dog

Life Is Better With A Dog

RackPack Ambassador, Kayla Lockhart, knows better than anyone that life is better with a dog.  This year, The Flyfish Journal followed Kayla around Montana for a few days of camping, fishing, and chasing Juniper, her Blue Heeler. Kayla travels all over the world seeking out perfect fishing spots and never forgets her best friend, Juniper.  “There’s not one time that I’ve ever been like ‘I wish my dog wasn’t here.’ I always want her with me.” Shop Kayla’s Top Products Read more about Kayla at The Flyfish Journal

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Meet Scout, and Her Human

It’s a familiar story, but it never gets old. Person gets dog. Person falls in love with dog. Dog becomes catalyst for new experiences. Person begins to catalog those experiences on Instagram and amasses 20,000 followers. OK, that last part is maybe less common. But that’s the general idea behind Peter Kim-Yang, his partner Rose, and their dog Scout’s adventure story.

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Roaming with Loki the Wolfdog

Loki the Wolfdog, Bailey the dog dog, and Kelly and Ally, are a pack of road roamers and snack enthusiasts. There’s a lot of love in this group so it’s no surprise that they have gained a giant following on social media.  Loki’s anchored Kelly, inspired him, and brings a level of companionship only a dog can bring. “Having that consistency of a faithful friend is irreplaceable. I brought Loki home as a pup, and just made it a point to never leave him behind. I had dogs throughout my life, but bringing home a low content wolfdog, I took it more seriously. Over time my life changed to look a lot different. My priorities changed,” says Kelly. ““I just

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Home on Wheels – Tips for Van Life

Jace, Giddi, little Juniper, and Lotus the Dog live in a van – and it’s a nice one. After selling their first van in March of 2016, they purchased another and did a complete new build. They put a ton of work into it, but its floors and cabinets don’t define their Home on Wheels. “For us, its not what you put inside, or how you decorate,” says Jace. “Sure, these things help create a more ‘at home’ feel as you travel around, but what really makes it a home is the experiences you have in it.” Ready for the van life? Read below and snag some tips from these seasoned pros. Pack smart Space is tight, so Giddi and

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Brianna’s Road Trip Tips

Brianna’s Road Tips for Road Trips Getting there is half the journey. That’s what they say, right? But, if you end up laid out on the side of the freeway with smoke pouring from the hood of your car, getting there can end up being the whole journey. Take it from me, a woman who should have earned a college degree in laying on the hot pavement beneath a 28-year-old vehicle playing, “what’s that burning smell?” Now you might be thinking, “Brianna, I don’t drive a vehicle that’s been around for both Bush presidencies, so I’ll be fine.” Maybe so! But a well-maintained vehicle is a happy vehicle, no matter the age. Here’s some quick and easy tips for making

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Unracked: Family Vacation Essentials

Garrett Barnum – CATEGORY DIRECTOR Garrett Barnum and his wife love to pile their five kids into the Suburban and head out to set their base camp – wherever that might be.  They’d love to do that all the time, but a guy also has to earn a living. Garrett is our Category Director for Top of Car and – of course – Camping. “I am responsible for what lives and dies in our product line, and I help to look forward and decide what we should develop next,” he explains. “I gather information from a lot of different sources – consumers, retailers, our customer service – and I get ideas from random inventors and people that think they’re inventors

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Carabiner Coffee

Oh hey there! This is Erik from @carabinercoffee. Our story is what you get when you take one dirtbag climber, one hefty dose of wanderlust, one 71 VW bus named Ol Blue plus one great cup of coffee and mix them all together. Over the past  3 years we have been traveling to some of the most beautiful places in the country making coffee for anyone who happens to be around. Our Yakima Skybox loaded down with everything we could possible need to live simply and adventure often. Photo: Daniel Noll This story all started on an especially cold day in the middle of a cross country solo bike tour. Pedaling down the Oregon coast and in need of something

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Pack Like a Pro – Our Vie Weighs In

This spring we partnered with Our Vie, a couple consisting of Cees and Madison accompanied by Vladimir Kitten, to help them achieve a lofty yet amazing goal.  They approached us with a project that we couldn’t help but to get behind: visit every National Park on the Centennial Anniversary of the National Park Service.  With their idea turned into a plan and support online, they hit the road in their 1989 Toyota motorhome, aptly named Vie, and put the plan into action. This week we check in to see how they are using Yakima Products to cover all of those miles with so much gear: Here at OurVie.com we love to do anything outdoors.  If there is any activity that gets us outside of the

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21 Awesome Places to See in Colorado

Everyone and their mother knows that Colorado is a place of unending beauty and incredible geographic diversity. From the infinite plains in the East, to the craggy spine of the Continental Divide in the center of the state, to the arid desert landscapes in the West, it’s almost unfair how much outdoor goodness exists in Colorado. Editorially speaking, you could spend a lifetime creating lists and stories of things to do and places to see in the state. So why add to the content clutter? Well, because maybe, just maybe, we’ll mention a spot where you haven’t been or that you haven’t heard of, which you can add to your CO bucket list and hopefully experience one day. In this slightly differentiated list,

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21 Awesome Places to See in the Southeast

Originally written for RootsRated On May 1, 2015, two lucky members of the RootsRated team set off on a 5-month, 20,000-mile cross-country road tour across the United States. The main goal of the tour was to connect with over 30 of our specialty retail partners across the country by hosting a series of pint nights and grassroots meet-ups. (The private goal, however, was to see firsthand some of this country’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring terrain.) Here are 21 of our favorite stops from the Southeastern leg of the journey—all highly worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. 1. Foster Falls | TN Jake Wheeler Located 45 minutes west of downtown Chattanooga, Foster Falls offers a sport climbing crag with 179 routes at a

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5 Great American Road Trips to Take This Fall

Arguably, there’s no better time to hit the open road than during the fall, when this country’s landscapes and forests are ablaze in their full fiery force, and when the cool autumn air elicits windows-down, wind-blown hair, flannel shirts flapping like sails, warm beverages enjoyed from farm stands, and chilly nights spent at roadside campsites with friends. But, with so many expansive, culturally stimulating, historically appealing regions to explore, which are the best routes to choose? To help, we’ve asked our local experts to identify their favorite  road trips. Here are 5 ideas that will be perfect for any fall weekend: 1. Northeast Portland, ME —> Burlington, VT via the Kancamagus HWY, 196 miles. Jim Penucci After enjoying lobster rolls

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