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EXO OpenRange

Open Unbelievable

Not totally sure what this new box is from Yakima? Is it a cooler? Is it a satellite that fell from space? Even better, the Yakima EXO OpenRange is the ultimate outdoor kitchen organizer. Set it on your back seat, slide it into your truck bed, or secure it to your hitch using out Yakima EXO System

If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who has gone through the struggle of packing cooking supplies to go camping. Plates, bowls, cups, stove, spices, pots, pans, kettles, french press, utensils, etc. The list feels never ending, especially if you’re cooking for multiple people. Or maybe you’re extremely smart and planning to cook while camping for the first time. Either way, The OpenRange will make your life a million times simpler.

Image that entire list packed into one simple place – organized and safe. OpenRange is that. It’s peace of mind knowing all your gear is in one spot, and you didn’t leave anything behind. Inside the box you’ll find open, internal storage, a built-in shelf, and a built-in utensil drawer. Outside the box, you’ll find your backboard organizer that allows for all your cooking knives, spatulas, spices etc. all to be kept in one location. You’ll also find your lantern pole (which doubles as a paper towel holder) and a handheld bottle opener, of course.   


So, you’ve made it a little further in this read. You’re intrigued, and it’s understandable. Let’s keep this imagination train rolling. You’ve made it to camp, it’s time to cook and life is a million times easier, as promised. You pull your OpenRange out of your car, look around for a place to set it, although you’re not really sure where to do that. It’s time to make life two-million times simpler. OpenRange has a full line of accessories that will support every need you have while camp cooking. Special Bonus: this accessory line is designed to fit inside the OpenRage as well.  

Let’s start with the Leg Kit. A simple, yet genius design that allows you to attach your OpenRange right to four adjustable legs. Adjustability is key when camping on uneven ground. We don’t want those sausage links rolling into the dirt. This Leg Kit comes with its own zipper carry bag to keep it protected while not in use and the Leg Kit fits neatly inside the OpenRange when being transported or stored away.  

Now that the OpenRange is out of your hands and nested onto the Leg Kit, it’s time to start cooking. Although, a little extra real estate would be nice. No problem, we have side tables! That’s right, life just keeps getting easier and easier. Our biggest side table is our Metal Cook Table. Ideal for a stove, this table features a side rack allowing 1lb green propane takes to nest in, and doubles as a dish rag holder. The metal surface is easy to clean and you won’t have to worry about the heat coming off your stove. The table placement is adjustable on three different height levels. One to match the door height when opened, one to match the center height of the box, and one to match the top height of the box. Along with these three levels, you can fine tune the height of the table leg to match any uneven grounds. There are also nifty holes to mount your lantern pole, or backboard organizer to the table.

Looking for even more space? Add our second table option. A Bamboo Side Table that is a bit smaller, allowing it to nest inside the OpenRange. This table is perfect for meal prep and comes with a collapsible sink and cutting board. The adjustable, telescoping leg makes matching the three different table mounting heights quick and easy. And of course, these tables are backboard and lantern pole compatible. 

If you’re looking to complete the ensemble and be the coolest camper in all the woods, we have just the thing. The CookOut Camp Stove is designed to fit perfectly inside the OpenRange, and on your Metal Cook Table. A two burner, with push button ignite, and of course, rad embossed mountains on the lid. It’s powerful, stylish, and made to pair perfectly with OpenRange.   

Openrange deluxe

Now that you’ve seen the whole setup, you’re probably wishing you could just buy the whole dang setup. Well, you’re in luck. The OpenRange Deluxe is exactly that. With this kit, you get all the above, plus a propane bag holder and hose connector for your stove. The only item that is still an accessory to the Deluxe is the Leg Kit. Why you ask? We leave this option up to the user. OpenRange is designed to be able to set on a picnic table, tailgate, your camp table, EXO SwingBase or wherever you may already like to cook.

EXO System

Pro Tip Time: Don’t want to carry the OpenRange inside your Vehicle? Want a mobile kitchen outside your rig that allows you to cook right of the tailgate? In walks Yakima EXO System… A SwingBase Hitch Rack that allows you to mount OpenRange, bike racks, cargo boxes, skis, baskets and more directly to it. Add a TopShelf and double your space, or raise the cook height of your OpenRange. This is the ultimate camp/tailgate setup. Your EXO System can swing out to the side, and the top shelf can pivot to however best suits your cooking views. Turn the system to face the beautiful mountains or swivel it to face the amazing sunrise while your coffee heats up.

always packed and ready

EXO OpenRange is more than just a camp accessory. It is a lockable, organization tool that allows you safe, year-round storage of all your camp and weekend outdoor cooking gear in one spot. Take it to your next family BBQ, tailgating event, or weekend picnic, and stay stress free knowing you didn’t leave anything behind. Set up, and open unbelievable  

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