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Border Lines

Baja Mexico – rugged landscapes, breathtaking coastlines, and amazing culture make it a must go destination for any Overlander. Also, non-stop tacos. With never ending coastlines riddled with perfect waves, Baja has a rich surf history dating back to the early 60s. Back then, small groups of American surfers would head south with their boards, which soon inspired locals to start their own Mexican surf clubs. In the 70’s, replacing the dirt roads with paved highways made accessing Baja beaches much easier and since has created a culture of camping and surfing along the coastal highway. Today, the goal isn’t just about finding the perfect camp spot, its about a journey to find surfing, camping and culture – overlanding through Baja.

A crew of four embarked on this journey south filled with surfing, fishing, art and photography. This crew didn’t just bring rad vehicles fully equipped for the rugged challenges Baja terrain has, but they brought their own unique talents as well.

The Crew





Meg – An all-out surf queen. Her positive vibes and chill mood are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. A Baja frequenter, Meg helped lead the pack to incredible surf and camp spots, such as Cuatro Casas. Her boards soared above her through Baja as she co-piloted the Ford Bronco with Kayla.





Kayla – What’s a trip to Baja without some fishing? Kayla packs a punch when it comes to the Fly-Fishing world. While some of the crew was searching for perfect waves, she was searching for perfect casts. By land or by sea, she was determined to get out and throw some flies. Kayla was our pilot behind the wheel of her Ford Bronco. Fully racked out with Timberline Towers, RoadShower, Surf pads for Meg’s Boards, and of course, the Yakima DoubleHaul to keep her fly rods rigged and ready.




Jess – Waves aren’t going off? No stress, Jess finds peace surfing the concrete of Baja. If the concrete waves were getting a bit rocky, Jess surfs the canvas. A master with the brush, Jess sought inspiration from Baja’s unique culture to inspire his rad paintings. Wheeling both on road and off, Jess cruised through Baja in the driver’s seat of the Ford Ranger. This rig was kitted out with Yakima Overhaul on the bed, holding the Skyrise HD RTT, and all the overlanding necessities. Over the cab was a LockNLoad platform fitted with a SupDawg to hold his boards.





Dylan – Rounding up the herd like a true cowboy does, Dylan photographed the journey and captured the memorable moments. His western style, Baja knowledge and navigating skills are key parts to any overland trip. Sitting shotgun to Jess in the Ford Ranger, you can only imagine the country gold that was pumping out of those speakers.

A week of overlanding through Baja is more than just camping and surfing. It about the destination, the experience, and the feeling of freedom while exploring new territories. Embracing the culture and learning new things. Overlanding is about the journey. Without a doubt, this crew took away the most they could while making memories they’ll never forget.

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