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Roaming with Loki the Wolfdog

Loki the Wolfdog, Bailey the dog dog, and Kelly and Ally, are a pack of road roamers and snack enthusiasts. There’s a lot of love in this group so it’s no surprise that they have gained a giant following on social media. 

Loki’s anchored Kelly, inspired him, and brings a level of companionship only a dog can bring. “Having that consistency of a faithful friend is irreplaceable. I brought Loki home as a pup, and just made it a point to never leave him behind. I had dogs throughout my life, but bringing home a low content wolfdog, I took it more seriously. Over time my life changed to look a lot different. My priorities changed,” says Kelly. ““I just want to share the joy I’ve found in sacrifice. Really – sacrificing a lot of plans and life that couldn’t involve Loki.”

The other half of my heart

And then things got even better. Ally and Bailey came along. “Cubbie Smalls and The Mouse have brought such joy to our travels. It feels like a real team now, “ shares Kelly. “Bailey and Loki have a bond like I’ve never seen. Bailey is 10, and Loki is half his age, yet they are so in sync with each other and the joy between them is tangible. Ally’s brought the same joy to my life and is the other half of my heart. Out of all the tens of thousands of miles we drive, it’s never a dull moment with her. She’s a great driver too :)” Adds Loki, “I used to have all the space I wanted. But since Bailey joined us, I’ve grown fond of cuddling that big guy. We are similar enough to respect each other’s space but at the end of the day, he’s my best friend – we share everything.”

Sharing the joy is a focus for this clan. “We’ve developed this mission to inspire others to get outside, explore their world and make memories with their pups,” says Kelly. It’s working, and has generated quite the following, and they use this power for good, assisting and bringing awareness to charities like the US Wolf Refuge, Canine Support Teams, and One Tail at a Time PDX.

Call of the couch

Loki is a low-content wolfdog – more dog than wolf. He’s an animal that likes to sleep past noon and indulge in ice cream, but there’s still a chunk of wild in the big guy, and that’s what led to the roadtripping. “All my travel became vehicle based because I’d never fly with Loki,” says Kelly. “And I can’t trust him with anyone else because he’s the ultimate escape artist.” It’s up to Kelly to get things moving when adventure calls. Even jingling car keys won’t get Loki off the couch until he’s sure there’s a payoff. “When I hear them, my tail does this weird thing I can’t control. It bobs around and I try to keep my composure. Like are we going on a adventure or did my human forget their wallet in the truck?” he says. “But either way, I usually don’t get off the couch until big bro Bailey investigates the situation.” 

Big dogs need room

Extended road trip travel with two megacanines means the tailgate goes to the dogs – 100%. So, a couple of things make making space possible: travelling light, and a Yakima ShowCase 20 up top. “Beside it holding all the human’s silly belongings (what are clothes even for?) it carries my treats,” says Loki. “So, I’ll let you guess how I feel about that treasure chest on top of the truck. What I can say is that it’s Kelly’s favorite storage box, ever, and he’s tested just about every one.”

And it’s only natural that Kelly is a Yakima loyalist. “I’ve been using Yakima gear as long as I can remember,” he says. “Such a huge fan. I have a particular loyalty to the area where I grew up – California’s North Coast, and when I first started using Yakima, they were right down the road from me in Arcata. Hauling gear with our ShowCase 20, along with some other Yakima solutions for taking our toys on the road with us, is a necessity for me.”

Unstoppable dog

Now, since Loki is fielding questions here, it’s time to get answers to two of the great mysteries of all time. First – Loki, why do dogs eat grass? “To catch the cow, you must learn the ways of the cow,” he says. “Ha – just kidding. Mom is a veggie so I figured I better see what the rage is all about.” And second – what would he open if he had opposable thumbs? “The Fridge. The Vet exam room door. The pizza delivery guy’s car door. The White House. I’d be unstoppable…”

Five road trip tips from Loki’s humans:

  1. Pack more socks than you think you’ll need.
  2. Take less stuff. Just commit to that. Give more room to your dogs.
  3. Never head out on the road without Wet Wipes or rubber boots.
  4. Split your clothes into two small bags. One or two sets of clothes in a bag in the vehicle with your toiletries, and all your other spare clothes in the roof box above.
  5. Bring heavy-duty shop paper towels. They are usually blue and in the auto section, and they’ll take you far when you’ve gotta clean up.

Loki is part of the Yakima RackPack, a group of adventurers following incredible passions, rolling up serious mileage and hauling a ton of gear.

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