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Ski Cargo Boxes – Where to Start?

Roof cargo boxes are like the unsung heroes of gear hauling, especially when winter rolls around. Ready to give your cargo box a winter upgrade? Yakima’s got you covered for all-season gear hauling, and they really shine when the snow starts falling.

These cargo boxes are true all-stars, available in different lengths, widths, and styles to tag along on any journey you have in mind. Whether you’re gearing up for a week of skiing or hitting the open road for a cross-country drive, Yakima cargo boxes are your trusty sidekicks.

Now, let’s dive into the winter magic of these roof cargo boxes.

Curious about the perfect rooftop box for your skis, snowboards, loads of gear, or even other sports gear? We’ve got your back. Let’s break it down so you can hit the slopes fully equipped and ready for winter fun.

Our Recommended Ski Cargo Boxes

GrandTour Lo
GrandTour 18
GrandTour 16
CBX 18
CBX 16
CBX Solar
CBX Solar
SkyBox 21
SkyBox NX 18
SkyBox NX 16
SkyBox 12
RocketBox Pro 14

PRO Tip:

Pair the SkyBox NX 16 or 18 with a Cargo Liner for extra padded protection, keeping your skis from sliding around 

Ski Cargo Box comparison Guide

Among the sea of options, the Yakima ski cargo box stands out as a reliable companion, offering the perfect mix of functionality and durability. To make your decision easier, we’ve put together a handy comparison chart that dives into the details, helping you elevate your winter journeys.

benefits in Detail

Interior Space: When picking out your ski cargo box, size matters. Consider the gear crew you’re rolling with—skis, snowboards, boots, poles, the works. A roomy interior means you can stash everything in one secure spot, keeping your winter travel game organized and stress-free.

Security: Lock down your precious gear with a robust locking setup. These cargo boxes snugly fasten to your ride, giving you peace of mind that your gear is secure through all your winter adventures.

Extra-Stiff Lid: No flimsy lids here! Our cargo boxes come with a reinforced lid, giving your gear an extra layer of protection against winter’s punches. Tackle those snow-covered terrains without worrying about your gear taking a beating.

Automotive Styling: Function meets style with cargo boxes that seamlessly blend with your ride’s design. It’s not just about performance; it’s about making your winter-ready vehicle look top-notch.

Great for People: Our cargo boxes aren’t just roomy; they’re designed with your fellow travelers in mind. Look into options that prioritize ease, accessibility, and overall satisfaction for everyone on board.

Ski Length Max.: Tailor your cargo box pick to fit your skiing style. Our comparison chart spills the beans on the maximum ski length each model can handle. Whether you’re a slalom sensation or a freestyle fanatic, make sure your gear snuggles in securely for every winter escapade.

Dual Side Opening: Experience next-level convenience with cargo boxes flaunting a dual side-opening design. Access your gear from either side of your ride, streamlining your loading and unloading game, even in tight spots.

Dimensions: Precision matters when fitting a cargo box to your ride. Our comparison chart lays out the nitty-gritty dimensions for each model. No compromises on your ride’s aerodynamics—find that sweet spot where size meets compatibility.

Weight: Keep your vehicle’s performance in check with lightweight yet durable cargo boxes. Our comparison chart breaks down the weight of each model, letting you choose a cargo box that complements your ride’s handling and fuel efficiency. Hit those winter roads with confidence, knowing your gear is secure without holding your vehicle back.

Ski and Snowboard Length comparison chart

Selecting the ideal ski cargo box? Size is key! Imagine your skis and snowboard snug and secure, ready for action. Before you decide, check the dimensions that matter most – yours. Opt for a cargo box that effortlessly accommodates the size of your skis and snowboard.

Visual Comparison

When it comes to roof cargo boxes, style isn’t just a bonus – it’s part of the package. Choosing a box that complements your vehicle’s lines is like giving it a style upgrade. Here’s a quick guide to the aesthetic of Yakima’s cargo box collections:

CBX Solar, 16, 18
  • Angular and rigid: complements modern SUV/CUVs
  • Micro-matte textured surface highlights angles in different lighting scenarios
GrandTour 16, 18, Lo
  • Sleek clean lines: complements modern high end vehicles
  • Smooth with high shine – no texture
SkyBox NX 16, 18
  • Compliments modern vehicles
  • Nano-texture technology
SkyBox Carbonite 21
  • Aerodynamic shape with clean lines
  • Micro golf ball texture
RocketBox Pro 14
  • Textured surface
  • Matte finish

Choose a Cargo Box That Fits Your Lifestyle


My partner and I love camping on summer weekends with our beloved Dog in toe. Come wintertime, you can catch us heading to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding with friends. 


Best Cargo Options


Resort skiing is my favorite winter activity. Not to mention I’m really into my car so I care about style and functionality. Living in a city means I frequently encounter parking garages. 


Best Cargo Options


We have a super active family of five. Team sports all year, family trips to the beach, the lake house, campgrounds, and the mountains. For short, we have lots of stuff.


Best Cargo Options


Fire roads, to BLM land, and anywhere else my truck can go. I like to go where nobody else is and I rely on my vehicle for rugged accessible gear storage and shelter.


Best Cargo Options

The I literally do EVERYTHING

To some I have too much gear, for me, I could always use more. Most of my outings call for a boat and that gear, a bike, fishing rods, multi-day camping gear, and then some.


Best Cargo Options


I am on a budget but that doesn’t stop me from getting outside and on the road. My car is compact and I love camping and taking road trips around the country.


Best Cargo Options

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