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Ben Hicks Toyota Tundra TRD Pro


Ben Hicks – Fine Art Photographer, World Traveler, Conservationist, Entrepreneur, along with many other roles. A human who is truly trying to make a difference in this world and enjoying every step of it along the way. We’re here for it, and we support his efforts.

A true adventurist – Ben has been traveling around the US, and Americas since 1999. He first built out a Ford F150, where he took to the road for 72 days, sleeping inside the cab, alongside by tent, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, fishing, and plenty of exploring. In 2007, he moved into a 4×4 van that was a bit more adventure ready – this time joining a crew that was documenting the Americas and the borders between the US and Central America. Shortly after, Ben hit the road again traveling the entire east coast of the US. Between these three trips, and plenty of customizing roof racks on early Overland ready vehicles, Ben gained a massive amount of knowledge on what he would one day want as his ultimate overland rig.

Partnering Up – Through partnerships and support from Southeast Toyota Dealers and Toyota USA, Ben has joined forces to build many different hybrid vehicles to use on trips and special projects. When Toyota announced they were dropping a Hybrid platform Tundra, the puzzle all came together. Ben’s partnership and environmental goals paired nicely with a 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, and so the build began.

“As a nature photographer, I have embraced the ability to use my images as a voice for environmental awareness. We have partnered with a handful of brands like Yakima to build this truck. The truck appears at Toyota events in south Florida, beach cleanups, special appearances and often in promo content with the brands I work with” – Ben Hicks

The Tundra – Stacked with all the goodies to get off-road, but Ben had bigger plans. As a family of four who are constantly on the go, chasing waves, trails, rivers, and camping – while also driving a career as a photographer – traveling with gear was a must have. To make it work, Yakima was a must have.

First steps – The truck received a new A.R.E. topper with tracks on top. Connecting to those, we dropped in a full Skyline Tower System and HD Crossbars. Attached is a LockNLoad Platform , allowing you to accessorize however you please. In Ben’s case, his family camps a lot. Adding the Skyrise HD Rooftop Tent allows them to turn the truck into a luxury suite. Next to the tent, Ben keeps his Yakima RoadShower MD. Living in Florida, his gear gets salty. The ability to wash it off with freshwater and take showers while out camping is important.

Racks On Racks – Over the cab, we set up a similar system. Using Baseline Towers, HD crossbars, and another , the Tundra now has a full-length platform system across the whole truck. Adding a Skybox 18 and GrandTour 18 (depending on gear) Ben can carry any extra gear he needs for his trips. Finally, at the hitch of the truck, you’ll find a HoldUp EVO and +2 mated to the BackSwing. This allows Ben to carry his family’s bikes while also giving access to the back of the truck when fully swung open.

Fun In The Sun – Living in Florida means lots of sun. Ben was seeking shade for his camp, and the easiest way possible was to throw on the MajorShady 270 awning. As his adventures and plans change, Ben utilizes his Supdawg and ShowDown for Surfboards and Kayaks. The ability to lock boards and kayaks is important when traveling through large cities for days at a time.

Cheers To You – Yakima Helped support this build so Ben could continue to get out and use his photography as a way to make the world a better place. Making life easier on the road is just a simple way we could help.

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