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The Yakima Fit Team Needs Your Help! Vehicle Fitment Program

We are seeking access to certain vehicles for evaluation of the fit of our products. If you own a vehicle from the list posted below and are interested in participating, please fill out our form below. Once we receive your form, and if we are still seeking your vehicle, we will contact you to schedule an appointment. If selected for participation, you will receive a special offer from Yakima!

Please note: As we gain access to the vehicles from this list this posting will be updated daily to reflect our most current needs. Participants will be accepted on a first come first accepted basis.

All fit evaluations at this time will take place at our headquarters, located in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Naked Roof

Naked Roof 

A bare roof with no designated attachment points, rails or tracks of any kind.

Flush Siderails

Flush Siderails

A specific type of rail that appears integrated to the roof. The rail is raised slightly from the roof and runs down the left and right sides. There is NO GAP between the rails and the rooftop.

Raised Siderails

Raised Siderails

Two raised rails, which run down the left and right sides of the roof and feature a gap between the rails and rooftop.





BMW 6 Series 2dr, 2004-2011, Naked Roof
BMW X1, 5dr 2016-2017, Flush Siderails
BMW X4, 5dr 2015-2016, Raised Siderails


Chevrolet Impala, 4dr 2006-2013, Naked Roof
Chevrolet Impala, 4dr 2014-2018, Naked Roof
Chevrolet Suburban Z71, 5dr 2001-2006, Raised Siderails


Dodge Durango, 5dr 2011-2018, Naked Roof


Ford Expedition/ Expedition EL, 5dr 2005-2006, Raised Siderails
Ford Edge, 5dr 2015+, Flush Siderails
Ford Taurus, 4dr 2010-2016, Naked Roof
Ford Transit Connect, 5dr 2014-2016, Flush Siderails


Honda Accord, 4dr 2003-2007
Honda Civic, 2dr 1996-2000, Naked Roof
Honda Accord Crosstour, 5dr 2010-2015, Naked Roof
Honda Odyssey, 5dr 2011-2016, Raised Siderails
Honda Passport , 5dr 2001-2002, Raised Siderails


Infiniti Q70, 4dr 2014-2016, Naked Roof
Infiniti Q70L, 4dr 2015-2016, Naked Roof
Infiniti QX30, 5dr 2017-2017, Naked Roof
Infiniti QX30, 5dr 2017-2017, Flush Siderails
Infiniti QX50, 5dr 2017-2017, Naked Roof
Infiniti QX60, 5dr 2014-2016, Flush Siderails


Jaguar F-Pace, 5dr 2017-2017, Naked Roof
Jaguar F-Pace, 5dr 2017-2017, Flush Siderails


Jeep Cherokee, 5dr 1984- 1986, Factory Tracks
Jeep Cherokee, 5dr 1987-1990, Factory Tracks
Jeep Liberty, 5dr 2003-2007, Raised Siderails
Jeep Liberty, 5dr 2008-2012, Raised Siderails


Kia Forte Koup, 2dr 2014-2016, Naked Roof
Kia Rio, 5dr 2012-2016, Naked Roof
Kia Sorento, 5dr 2011-2015, Naked Roof
Kia Sorento, 5dr 2016-2017, Naked Roof
Kia Sportage, 5dr 2017-2017, Naked Roof

Land Rover

Land Rover Discovery Sport, 5dr 2015-2016, Naked Roof
Land Rover Evoque, 5dr 2012-2017, Naked Roof
Land Rover Evoque, 5dr 2012-2017, Raised Siderails
Land Rover Range Rover, 5dr 2013-2016, Naked Roof


IS/IS F, 4dr 2001-2005, Naked Roof


Mazda CX-9, 2016-2017, Naked Roof


Mercedes GLE Coupe, 5dr 2015-2016, Naked Roof
Mercedes GLE Coupe, 5dr 2015-2016, Flush Siderails


Mini Clubman, 5dr 2016-2017, Naked Roof
Mini Hardtop, 3dr 2007-2013, Naked Roof
Mini Hardtop, 3dr 2014-2017, Naked Roof
Mini Hardtop, 5dr 2015-2017, Naked Roof
Mini Paceman, 3dr 2013-2016, Naked Roof


Mitsubishi Outlander, 5dr 2016-2017, Flush Siderails
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, 5dr 2016-2017, Flush Siderails


Nissan Rogue Select, 5dr 2014-2015, Raised Siderails


Scion xD, 5dr 2008-2014, Naked Roof


Subaru Forester, 5dr 2003-2008
Subaru Legacy, 4dr 2000-2004, Naked Roof
Subaru Outback, 4dr 2000-2004, Naked Roof
Subaru Outback, 4dr 2005-2007, Naked Roof
Subaru Tribeca, 5dr 2006-2007, Naked Roof – Fixed Point
Subaru Tribeca, 5dr 2008-2014, Naked Roof – Fixed Point


Toyota Camry, 4dr 2007-2011
Toyota Corolla, 4dr 1998-2002, Naked Roof
Toyota Land Cruiser, 5dr 2004-2007, Raised Siderails
Toyota Prius, 5dr 2004-2009
Toyota Sequoia 5dr 2008-2016, Raised Siderails
Tundra Double Cab, 4dr 2004-2006, Naked Roof