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The Sasquatch Family


Papa Sasquatch, Mama Sasquatch, Daughter Sasquatch


2021 Tesla Model Y

Yakima Gear:

EXO OpenRange, EXO SwingBase


Existing, Cooking delicious camp meals, Harvesting, Hiding from hoomans


The Sasquatch Family has long been a believer of the Yakima brand, being that they reside right in the heart of the PNW where Yakima calls home. On any given day, you can find the Sasquatch’s harvesting vegetables, fish, and fresh berries for their next meal on the EXO OpenRange camp kitchen. Daughter Sasquatch is up to speed on all things social, but prefers to remain anonymous due to her somewhat famous status in the world. Mama Sasquatch enjoys education, reading, catching fish, and holds a record for most asparagus eaten in a single day. Papa Sasquatch loves climbing trees, chasing birds, and perfecting his famous fish filet meal. The Sasquatch’s hate the fake photos you may have seen of them online.

Fast Talkin'

What's your go to travel snack?

Depends on the day and what’s currently ripe. Fresh salmon is really hard to beat, but nothing beats the common pigeon. What can I say? We love junk food.

How do you feel about the large amount of people trying to find you?

At first it was kind of flattering. But we have had a few close calls with the hoomans. We really prefer to live alone and live our lives doing what we love. But we’d be lying if we didn’t say the thrill of being seen wasn’t a bit exciting.

Why choose the EXO System?

Modularity! We never know what we’re doing on a given day. We love being able to adapt to whatever we decide to do.

Tips on catching the best trout or salmon?

Stop using that silly little stick and string. Roll up your sleeves and get a grip so it don’t slip.

What's a wifi?

-Papa Sasquatch

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