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School of Rack

School Of Rack

Learn How To Rack Your World

The Yakima School of Rack is in session, offering introductory classes to help you choose the roof rack system and mounts that work for you, your gear, and your ride. Each lesson breaks down a rack category and helps you understand the rack possibilities available to enable your next epic adventure.

Why are there different types of bike and kayak racks? What if I like to do a bunch of different things – how do I create a set-up for that? I know I’m supposed to tie down my kayak, but how do I do it right?

Our curriculum has it covered. So, sharpen your pencils, sit up straight, find your class, and take notes. Then rack up for recess!

Roof Racks 101

Building Your Foundation

A multi-sport rack system is all about that base, and that base is your roof rack. But what fits your vehicle’s roof? What kind of roof do you even have? Which bars and towers do you need? In this School of Rack session, we guide you to the perfect system for your vehicle.

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Cargo Management 101

Box, Bag, or Basket – Find Your Best Cargo Solution

Duffels and tents, coolers and firewood – make more room inside by carrying it up top. But how? A cargo bag, cargo box, or cargo basket? We guide you towards the option that works for your gear, vehicle, and adventures.

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Bike Racks 101

What’s the Best Way to Carry Your Two Wheeler?

Professor Jonny, Doctor of Rackology, helps you answer the age-old bike rack question – should I carry it up top or on the back? Watch and learn as he dives even deeper into different options for both and discusses what’s best for your bike, your vehicle, and your type of trip.

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Boat Racks 101

Best Way to Float Your Boat – Cradle, Roller, or Lift?

There are different kinds of boats, paddlers, and vehicles. We help you discover your options and choose the kayak rack system that works best for you, your boat, and your vehicle’s rooftop.

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Fishing Kayak Transport 101

Easy Ways to Move Your Big, Heavy Boat

Fishing kayaks are big, stable, rugged and loaded with features. But they’re heavy, awkward, and always too long for the truck bed. Learn the racking options that make transporting these behemoths a whole lot easier.

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Bonus: How To Tie Down A Boat

Don’t Be a Clown, Tie It Down – Here’s How

You love your boat, so tie it down. Bow, stern, and across the hull, our Chief of Rackology will overview how to keep your kayak secure at highway speeds and show you some Yakima tools that make tie-down easy.

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