Take More Friends. Bring Back More Stories.


The Yakima Road Warriors are touring the nation in fully loaded Toyotas, ensuring people everywhere are getting gear out of their cars to get more butts in seats. After all, what are outdoor adventures without your favorite crew in tow? More gear on Yakima racks outside your car means you Take More Friends inside your car – leading to more memories of epic hikes, bluebird days, and 100-miler weekends.

Armed with SWAG and endless amounts of rack knowledge, the Road Warriors are single-handedly helping thousands of friends make lasting memories in the outdoors. They can be found at outdoor events, trailheads, rivers, rack dealers and of course on the open road. Check out the 2016 Schedule to find out when a Road Warrior will be in your area!

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(Repping the North East)

Based on Cape Cod, but I love to travel. In my free time I’m either on the ski slopes or in the ocean. A Cold Brew Coffee and The Open Road are the best way to start my day.

(Repping the Rockies/Midwest)

Nickname: Coop. Passions: mountain biking singletrack, yoga, exploring new places, being outside, spending time with friends, laughter. Intention: constantly learn, experience and share with others.

(Repping the South East)

Avid mountain biker and skier exploring the Southeast one trailhead at a time.  Technically minded with a passion for helping others get outdoors.  I’ll gladly exchange rack knowledge for advice on the best trail in your town.  If you want to come ride with me, even better!

(Repping the West Coast)

Climber, cyclist, soon-to-be skier, and lifelong fan of Liverpool FC. I spend my free time in the mountains one way or another. I enjoy good books, good beer, better whiskey and great friends. I love a good adventure story, so if you run into me on the west coast, I’ll swap you a beer for a good story and hopefully we can depart as friends.

Do you have a shop that needs some Road Warrior training? Shoot us an email and we will schedule a visit:

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Burning Can

Brevard, NC

7/15 – 7/16

Mountain Bike Oregon

Oakridge, OR

7/15 – 7/17

Salida, SUP & Surf

Salida, CO


Toyota FJ Summit

Oureay, CO

7/20 – 7/24

Paddle and Portage

Madison, WI

7/30 – 7/31

Downieville Classic

Downieville, CA

8/4 – 8/7