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Trailful – Yakima HighSpeed Bike Rack review

November 11, 2017

The HighSpeed bike rack makes load and unload a breeze, thanks to its innovative design. It’s perfect for hatchback vehicles and SUVs, adaptable to aero or standard bars, and simplifies mounting both a bike and the rack itself. Our road-tested Yakima HighSpeed review.

Let’s face it: loading and unloading a bike on a roof-mounted rack can be difficult, especially on tall vehicles like SUVs. And with the popularity of large, easily-scratched sunroofs on vehicles, loading and unloading a fork-mount bike carrier can be a difficult task, especially with a vehicle’s roofline above your head. Add in the usual issues with hatchback clearance on many roof-mounted bike racks on the market, and you’ve got a recipe for quickly ruining that amazing post-ride bliss after a cycling adventure.

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