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Canoe & Kayak Discusses the New LongArm

November 11, 2017

The Yakima LongArm is a new hitch-mounted system that allows you to extend carrying capacities out of your truck and adjust to the carrying positions of the bed, bed rail height, or with the extension accessory to the height of your cab.

For those looking to get your favorite kayak in your truck and on the move, this is the easiest solution we’ve utilized so far. Lift the nose of your kayak up and onto the load-bearing bar, then walk to the back to lift and slide the boat into your truck bed. Finish it up with a 12′ or 15′ strap through the included slots on the bar and tighten the kayak down.

Don’t waste your time straining on lifting a kayak over your head if you’re solo. The Yakima LongArm empowers the solo angler to get the job done, with ease. A recommended accessory with the LongArm is the LongArm Pad for an additional $19.


Read more at https://www.canoekayak.com/kayakfish/kayakfishgearauto-racks-get-gear-where-youre-going/#rssYqxV689aixUmi.99

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