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Unracked: Road Biking with Kenny Graham

Kenny Graham – Product Integrity Specialist

“I ride as much as I can,” says Kenny.  “I ride to work  – an hour and a half commute –
then I’ll commute home, and after work I try and ride for a couple more hours if I can. Plus long weekend rides.”

What about lunch? “Sometimes. But lunchtime rides are over too quick.”

Kenny is a Product Integrity Specialist, but that’s just a title. “I like to share the Yakima culture – I consider myself to be a brand ambassador. I want to make sure the cycling community knows what Yakima is about, what our presence is in the cycling world – and in the outdoor community, too – so I work hard to insert our involvement so people can understand what we are and what we do.”

Kenny is on a cycling team Revenge Cycling & Racing, and owns a cycling promotion company that puts on events. Yakima sponsors both. He’s also heavily involved with OBRA – the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association – and is a race official. “Official, rider, promoter – I get to see cycling from all vantage points.”

Road Biking the Pacific Northwest

The Right Gear

In the dark ages, Kenny used to haul his bike in the backseat. But one Yakima rack changed all that. His first true Yakima love? “Initially it was the HoldUp. It gave me the  ability to carry more than just one bike – and get it out of the backseat. The HoldUp let me stack bikes on the rack, giving my backseat some space for my friends and other stuff.” Recently, he upgraded his HoldUp to a Dr.Tray, continuing to iterate his ride to make getting out on his bike even easier.

And what’s some go-to gear that isn’t a bike or a rack? “My GQ6 hydration drinks are my go-to now. They are a sponsor and I believe in their product – keeps me hydrated, no cramps, I don’t leave home without it.”

Kenny’s Wheels

HighRoad on JetStream CrossBars | Dr.Tray | WindShield Fairing

Kenny’s Cycling Tips

  1. Take your time when installing bikes on your rack system. When rushed, you will forget steps. This is not a good thing for your bike! 
  2. Always take your keys to lock your bike to your rack – and never leave your bike out of your sight. If they want it bad enough – they will steal your car with your bike on it!
  3. Always carry enough water while you’re riding or plan so you can get a refill on your route.
  4. Never let a certain friend of mine – we’ll call her Brenda M. – create the route. NEVER EVER – NEVER EVER!!! (See tip 3)
  5. Always have fun! #cyclingiseverything!


On the Road

Where does he unrack? “I love to go over Neskowin. It’s on the Oregon Coast, ten miles north of Lincoln City on highway 101. There’s the old highway that carves it way through the forest. Low traffic, nice climbing. I can spend a couple of hours getting things out of my system. Riding the old highway is my escape.”


Check out Kenny’s Ride


Most Memorable Ride

“My brother and I took a day trip to Paulina Lake in Central Oregon, and he decided he wanted to climb to the top of Paulina Peak,” recalls Kenny. Kenny wasn’t psyched on pedaling up a long, steep road – it was 99 degrees out – but his brother sold him on it and told him to bring a coat. Good advice. “Paulina was a crazy ride – it was brutal, but my brother and I were determined! At the top it was 20 degrees colder, and conditions weren’t great,” says Kenny. “But, I could literally see all of Oregon. Every mountain and weather systems rolling in – the view from all angles was amazing. I could have stayed there all day… all day long.”

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