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Yakima Unracked

Meet the people that make Yakima happen

This is Us - The Yakima Team

At the heart of every Yakima Rack is our innovative employees who design, test, support, and, at the end of the day, use our products.  We’re fun loving, Pacific Northwest adventurers, and this is how we unrack, unplug and unwind…

Go Road Biking with Kenny

Product Integrity Specialist

Meet Kenny Graham – our Product Integrity Specialist/Avid Road Biker – and check out some of his road biking tips, learn about his favorite gear, and find out how he unracks…

Meet Kenny

Join Jenna for a Family SUP Adventure

Digital Director

Meet Jenna Fallon – our Digital Director/SUP Enthusiast – and see how she transports 2 stand up paddleboards, 2 kids, and stays balanced with her Honda Pilot.

Meet Jenna

Pack the Family for a Road Trip with Garrett

Category Director – Top of Car, Truck, Camp

Garrett and his family utilize every inch of their Suburban. See how this family of seven fits comfortably inside, and how much gear they can put on the beast.

Meet Garrett

Yo, Tex!

Fit And Technical Training Lead

We’re not sure what his real name is, but we sure know what he does here at Yakima.  Get to know Tex – our Fit & Technical Training Lead – and check out how he gets to the water with his racked out Tacoma.

Meet Tex

Climb into the SkyRise with Ian

Product Integrity Lead

This guy once spent a whole working day in the SkyRise while we rain tested it. He knows the Yakima product inside and out, and has a solution for just about everything. Learn how he likes to camp with the SkyRise on his capped Toyota Tacoma.

Meet Ian

Mountain Bike with Raul

Customer Service Lead

Meet Raul, our Customer Service Lead. He loves helping you out in any way he can. See how he uses his Santa Fe to go on mountain biking adventures in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!


Meet Raul

Hang Out With Matt at his Favorite Fishing Spots

Events and Training Manager

Matt is our Events & Training Manager, as well as our resident fly fisherman. Learn about the one he caught that was “thisssss big” and maybe he’ll share his secret fishing spot with you…

Meet Matt

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