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Unracked: Paddleboarding with Jenna Fallon

Jenna Fallon – Digital Director

Jenna loves to stand-up paddle. “Every moment in the sunshine makes me do a happy dance.” And she makes it a point – even living in the rainy Pacific Northwest – to do her SUP and sun inspired happy dancing as often as possible.  

But she does have a day job. Jenna is our Digital Director. “I manage the yakima.com user experience. My job is to help consumers find what they need on our website to create their first-ever roof rack system by setting up the online process that helps you figure out how to find the right one for your car as simply and easily as possible.”

But when she gets the time, she loads up her husband, their kids – and maybe some friends’ kids, too – packs the sunblock and trail mix, and hits the Willamette River or Lake Oswego for some stand up paddling.  

Paddling in Downtown Portland, Oregon

The Right Gear

The right gear makes life easier. Jenna is not someone you’d call ‘tall’, so getting SUPs to the top of her Honda Pilot used to be a chore. Not anymore.

“I love the ShowDown. The load assist – it makes it easy for my 5’1” self to load my board so I can easily get from home to the lake or river. My husband likes it, too. The ShowDown is making life easier for him because I don’t have to ask him to come help every time I want to load the boards. I am the tiniest of all my friends…and it’s a little challenging.”

Jenna also keeps the FullSwing hitch rack on her Pilot at all times for impromptu family bike trips… making them a true multi-sport family.

Another piece of go-to gear?  “It’s my paddle. I own two of them – Slingshots – and won’t use any other kind. It’s adjustable so it works for my husband, kids and myself, and it’s super lightweight. I do love that thing.”

Jenna’s Wheels

ShowDown on JetStream CrossBars |FullSwing

Jenna’s Tips

  1. Sun protection! Bring sunblock, a trucker hat, sunglasses and a UV protective long sleeve shirt
  2. Bring snacks like trail mix…
  3. …and make your own. Just combine dried mango, homemade baked almonds, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips
  4. If you are not especially tall, get a load-assist SUP rack, like the ShowDown. You, your friends and family will appreciate it (more below)
  5. Some things bare repeating: SUNBLOCK!


On the Road

Where does Jenna UnRack? “I like to go to the Willamette River – George Rogers Park – or right by the office at Lake Oswego to SUP with my daughter and son. She is six, he is eight and they know how to paddle and board. If it’s not with them, it’s with my friends.”

And she loves to share her sport. “I love teaching people how to SUP – my friends and kids. It’s really fun to see them get it. It’s easy to learn – once you get it you’re on the water and you’re free to go.”




Most Memorable SUP Adventure

Jenna SUPs a lot, and that makes for a bunch of epic days. Is there a most epic? “It’s hard to pick one. Doing Yoga on a stand-up paddleboard on the San Diego bay with a group of friends. Or being on a paddleboard on one July Fourth evening in Portland and watching fireworks. Or my after-work adventures hanging with my daughter and son on paddleboards together.”

All awesome, but then she hits on it: “Getting my family on our boards is the best way to spend quality time together. Watching the Oregon sun go down and watching the colors of the sunset is moving for all of us.”

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