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Choosing The Right Crossbar Length

Did you know that all of our towers accept multiple bar lengths? Our Fit My Car Tool will let you know the minimum crossbar length required for your vehicle, but you can always go bigger to bring more gear and more friends.


Small Crossbars – (50″ JetStream,  50″ CoreBar, 48″ RoundBar)

Medium Crossbars – (60″ JetStream,  60″ CoreBar, 58″ RoundBar)

Large Crossbars – (70″ JetStream,  70″ CoreBar, 66″ RoundBar)

X-Large Crossbars – (80″ CoreBar, 78″ RoundBar)

* Please note, actual capacity on your vehicle may be limited by gear or restricted by weight load.
Please refer to the Fit My Car Tool  to learn how much weight your vehicle can handle.

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