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About Us & Our Culture

Regardless of your destination or adventure, Yakima helps get you, your friends and all your gear there , allowing you to focus on what really matters—creating memories to last a lifetime.


Here at Yakima we believe in connecting you, your friends, family and all your favorite gear to your desired destination or activity. Doesn’t matter if you are headed out for camping, biking, fishing, to the cabin for the weekend or taking the family on a holiday road trip, Yakima believes that any life adventure, regardless of the destination, creates shared experiences and memories for you, your family and friends.  When the road winds back home, the memories and connections with friends and family remain long after the trip is over.  Yakima will handle all your gear, freeing up car space, so you can Take More Friends

Our Philosophy

Designed to Last

Our first consideration at Yakima when we design a new product is the people who will use it. We consider the challenges people might face when trying to carry their favorite gear and focus on designing innovative solutions.

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Take More Friends

Our Values

We believe in connecting you, friends, family and all your favorite gear to your desired destination or activity. Yakima will handle all your gear, freeing up space in your car, so you can take more friends and create more memories.



We’re here to take care of all your gear, so you can arrive fully equipped, relaxed and ready to enjoy the activities and places you love, with the people you love. Whether you ride or hike dirt trails. paddle open or whitewater, ski or fish with your buddies, or just want to take the kids to grandma’s, Yakima’s ready when you are.

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Making Good

At Yakima we provide you with the finest in cargo and gear racks but our work doesn’t end with making great products; we are also stewards of the environment and active in our community. Whether that involves cleaning up trails, supporting our not-for-profit partners, or promoting social initiatives, we make good things happen.

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Shared Experiences

We believe that venturing out on the open road creates shared experiences and memories that last a lifetime. You may forget the exact trail you hiked or the roads you biked but, you’ll always remembers the smiles, the laughter and the stories created along the way.

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Featured Partner: People For Bikes

Great Partnerships

Our Initiatives

PeopleForBikes is the movement to improve bicycling in the U.S. By collaborating with millions of individual riders, businesses, community leaders, and elected officials, we’re uniting Americans to boost bicycling on a national level for results that can be seen locally.

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