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Testing, Testing, One Two Three


At Yakima, there’s no such thing as makeshift. We’re lighthearted in nature, but we’re downright relentless about developing equipment that provides serious leverage in life. All of our proven solutions do more than meet ISO requirements; they undergo extensive testing inside our high-tech facilities and out in the real world. We use foolproof lab simulations and actual street smarts to maximize the strength and safety factor of every product. We shake, stress, and pummel all parts independently and together in the form of fully assembled units. Having a methodical process means we can stand behind the very best warranty policies in the business.

Yakima product testing in the works.
Static testing

We perform static pull testing to meet or exceed ISO and DIN requirements in addition to our internal standards. These tests pull the gear in all directions—up, down, forward, back, sideways, and at an angle. The pull forces vary based on product and direction to simulate the dynamic loads that a rack experiences while the vehicle is driving. They also simulate the aerodynamic loads that happen when a vehicle is cruising down the highway with little regard for speed limits. 

Yakima products being tested.
dynamic testing

Dynamic testing is performed on a single-axis purpose-built shaker and a six-axis MOOG shaker. This is where we can get wild in a controlled environment and see just how strong our product will be before we take it on the road test. The shakers simulate driving over different types of rugged road surfaces, and can focus on specific frequencies that accelerate wear. 

the road loop

Ahh yes. The infamous road test. This is where things get crazy. We take on speed bumps, speed humps, potholes, gravel, and washboard surfaces. Missed a pothole? Circle back. Then we throw in emergency stops, swerves, excessive speed, and more. Some of the course features are industry standards, but many are Yakima internal tests. And, yes, it’s really fun.

environmental testing

We also test each product for weather resistance, including temperature, corrosion, UV, and ozone. These tests ensure that the product will work in all conditions, and continue to work well for years on your vehicle. 

But wait, there’s more!

We also test for other performance attributes to make sure our products meet our high expectations. 

  •  Security – Testing to ensure security and theft resistance • ADAC City Crash – 8g or 12g dynamic test to simulate a crash situation
  •  Impact – To ensure resistance to impact from flying objects or from dropping the product
  • Paint and Decal Adhesion – To make sure the paint and decals are durable
  • PAH and REACH – To ensure materials used in the products do not contain certain substances and are safe for our consumers and environment
  • Usability – Making sure our product is easy and safe to use as intended
  • User Field Testing – Getting products in use by real people in the real world

Our equipment checks all the boxes; it’s intuitive, functional, indestructible, and guaranteed to amp up every vehicle’s aesthetic. We’ve over-tested our products to ensure you get to where you’re going safe and easy. Travel with certainty knowing Yakima is ready for an array of realms,
tools, and toys, no matter what set of wheels our customers drive. 

Take it easy.

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