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Tips to Rack Smarter This Winter

Ourcustomer service team knows racks.
We asked them to share their knowledge. Here are smart tips to keep your

Yakima Winter mounts working right all season long…


Every time you put your skis or boards back into the rack, make sure you secure it with the SKS lock. It’s a good habit, and helps deters thieves when you have to leave your gear unattended during pit stops.

2. winter camping

The Skyrise HD is the Ultimate mobile base camp in any season. The Skyrise HD tent body is ruggedly constructed with 600D Ripstop polyester fabric and a 3000mm waterproof PU coating. paired with the weather-shedding waterproof rainfly, you’re set for the complete protection against the elements.



If tall bindings on your board or skis are hitting the roof of your car, be sure to use your SkiLift. It’s a nifty feature found on all our snowsport mounts. Just flip it up for the clearance you need.


Freezing temps can ice up your locks. Bring some deicer so you can easily get your SKS key in there, unlock your mount, and access your gear. Don’t force a frozen lock – this goes for your Yakima racks and front door – or you could bust the key off inside it, and that’s a major pain.


At the end of snow season, it’s easy to leave your mount on your roof or rear of car. You’ll want to take it off, clean it up and store it away. When storing away your roof box (if you don’t plan to use it for awhile) clean the box thoroughly with warm soapy water making sure to get all around the edge where the lid overlaps the lower section. Store flat and nothing on top!

6. fatcat Evo Install

Worried that your FatCat EVO won’t feel solid on your rack? Relax. The burly mounting band can be tightened so much that it’ll grip something as thin as a ruler, so don’t be afraid to keep turning that wheel until you get a secure fit.

7. Being prepared

Put your EXO GearLocker or CargoBox or racks to work this winter. Keeping items like tire chains, snow shovel, or deicer in your box is a great way to keep wet winter gear out of your rig. Add Recovery Track Mounts to your setup to carry traction boards.


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