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Interbike 2016: Industry Nine, 100%, Yakima

October 10, 2016


Yakima has two new mountain-bike racks: the HighSpeed (shown above) is a fork-mounted roof rack with a clamp that can handle any axle size. The tightening knob is torque-sensitive and clicks when the axle is secure. The rack is also versatile as far as mounting is concerned, with rubber-wrapped steel straps that can secure to the vast majority of crossbars. The straps can be replaced with T-bolts if you’re one of those fancy folks with aero bars. MSRP is $220, locking core not included. If you want to keep both wheels on, Yakima also has the new HighRoad, which has similar features to the HighSpeed and retails for $230.

The Dr. Tray is Yakima’s new remedy for hitch-mount woes. At 34 pounds in the stock two-bike configuration (a third tray can be added on), Yakima says it’s the lightest in its class. The tilt lever at the top allows for easy one-handed operation, and the trays can be adjusted horizontally to avoid handlebar/seat interference. The tightening knob at the base of the rack expands a wedge inside the stinger, which keeps the Dr. Tray from wobbling. The rack will retail for $580 when it hits the market in March. Read More

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