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10 Best Bike Racks in 2017

March 3, 2017

Secure Bike Racks for Your Car, Truck, or SUV.  Transporting your bike has never been easier or safer.

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While it would be ideal to step out the front door to your favorite biking trail, sometimes the best routes are further away. Instead of taking off a wheel and jamming your hard-earned bicycle into the trunk of your car, load it up and lock it in place with one of these great new bike rack choices. With options that mount to your roof, trunk, or hitch, all of which accommodate both road and mountain bikes, you’ll be cycling through the hillsides in no time.

Yakima Dr.Tray

$579 BUY NOW This is the ultimate hitch-mounted tray rack! Loading your bike on this tray is super easy, whether it's a road bike or a fat bike with huge tires. It also offers unparalleled space between each bike, so there's no risk of frame-on-frame damage in transit. The tray can fold up and down with a remote control for easier access to the trunk, and the locking system will deter even the most determined thieves.  More: 12 Car Roof Racks to Solve Those Storage Carrier Woes

Yakima HighRoad
$325 BUY NOW Yakima's new beast-of-a-bike-rack is incredibly secure, ultra sleek, and simpler than ever to use. Designed for high-end bikes (road or mountain), it will secure your prized possessions in place without putting stress on the wheel or frame. We especially love how easy it is to load your bike on top of the car without taking the front wheel off, and how this rack leaves your trunk free for easy access. 
Yakima HoldUp
$449 BUY NOW This is one of Yakima's best-selling racks because it's relatively affordable and has a compact design. When not in use, the trays can be folded in toward the center to save space. Just load you bike on the tray, adjust the clamp over the front wheel, tighten the strap around the back wheel, and you're ready to go!
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