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Get Out More Tour


It’s summer – time to get and explore and find new adventures, right? But before you head out, shake off winter’s rust at the Backpacker Get Out More Tour when it swings by a retailer near you. Led by Backpacker Magazine pro, Randy Propster, Get Out More crosses the country delivering tips and tricks, wisdom and inspiration, and an opportunity to get hands-on with – and even win – some sweet gear.


Randy tours because he loves to share his passion.

“If you are an active or aspiring outdoor enthusiast and you’re looking for ways to enhance your experience on your next hiking, camping or backpacking outing then the Get Out More Tour is for you. You’ll get a ton of pro tips regarding the skills and equipment you’ll need to feel safe, comfortable and confident on your next outdoor adventure.”

“I’ve seen time and time again the life-changing impact that results from providing the inspiration and information someone needs to be able to go out and create a connection with the outdoors,” he says.


Inspiration comes from connecting with your community, Randy’s contagious enthusiasm, getting hands-on with some awesome new gear, and – what’s really important – getting out in nature. “We celebrate the amazing gift we’ve been given,” he says, “our access to untrammeled beauty, scenic and wild places as we recognize the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act.”


As for information, be ready to soak it up. Each event is jam-packed with education. “I’ll show off an entire system of gear and skills – a glimpse into my mindset when I’m preparing a kit that will empower me outdoors,” he says. “I take the approach that it takes a bunch of individual parts to make up the complex whole. We’ll have a conversation about the trade-offs between weight, comfort, convenience, and cost.  We’ll evaluate wants vs. needs. And we’ll take a look at the latest and greatest gear offerings from some of the top brands in the outdoor industry.”


The education includes a look at how Randy uses Yakima to pack, organize, and camp while on tour. “When you live on the road for over 32 weeks, staying organized and getting a good night’s sleep are absolutely priceless,” he shares. “ My combination of Yakima racks, mounts, accessories, SkyBoxes, and the SkyRise tent gives me instant access to all of the equipment and provides me as comfortable a night’s sleep as anyone could ask for while living the road life.”


So, find the stop near you and get on out to Backpacker’s Get Out More Tour. Learn, get inspired, discover how good decisions and good equipment – Yakima included – make being outside better. Anything else, Randy? “Oh yeah, if that’s not enough: come for the gear!  The gear giveaways and door prizes are worth the trip!

Participating Yakima Dealers:

Great Outdoor Provision Co. Charlottesville, VA 5/2/2018
Rock Creek  Chattanooga, TN  5/10/2018
Half Moon Outfitters  Charleston, SC  5/22/2018
Black Creek Outfitters  Jacksonville, FL 5/23/2018
Mountain Sports  Arlington, TX 6/5/2018
Pack Rat Outdoor Center  Fayetteville, AR 6/7/2018
Alpine Shop  Kirkwood, MO 6/12/2018
Fin and Feather  Iowa City, IA 6/14/2018
Midwest Mountaineering  Minneapolis, MN  6/19/2018
Appalachian Outfitters  Peninsula, OH 7/10/2018
Benchmark Outfitters  Blue Ash, OH 7/31/2018
Rusted Moon Outfitters  Indianapolis, IN 8/1/2018
Bushwacker  Peoria, IL 8/2/2018
REI – Spokane  Spokane, WA 8/9/2018
REI – Issaquah Issaquah, WA 8/14/2018
Sportsman and Ski Haus  Kalispell, MT 8/21/2018
REI – Salt Lake City  Salt Lake City, UT 9/18/2018
REI – Reno  Reno, NV 9/26/2018
Redding Sports LTD  Redding, CA 9/27/2018
REI – Fresno  Fresno, CA 10/4/2018
The Mountain Air  San Luis Obispo, CA 10/10/2018
REI – Boca Park  Las Vegas, NV 10/30/2018