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The Gambler 500

Born from a dream.

A dream of giving forgotten, tossed aside and abandoned autos new life. A chance to become legendary. How do they become legendary?  By completing a 500 mile off-road journey through the beautiful wilderness of Oregon.  Imagine a train of beaters, gimmick rides (think sketchy ambulance), and woefully “off-road unready” vehicles charging through the dirt roads that surround Mt Hood and other parts of the scenic Oregon landscape.  It makes for quite a show.

It all began in 2014, when co-founder Tate Morgan said to his friend “It would be cool to get a bunch of guys together, go out and buy $500 cars and see how far we can go.”  That simple statement started with 14 vehicles, and three years later the event has caught fire.  While the Oregon event is still the granddaddy of them all, satellite events have popped up all throughout the country with the same mission, responsibly enjoy and promote the amazing access to remote places that our State and National parks provide… with a little bit of flair.

Team Yakima: Manly Feller Racing

Manly Feller Racing is comprised of Todd, Fit Team Category Manager (left) and Ian, Product Integrity Lead (right). The two have been working tirelessly to transform the F150 below into a true Gambler. They will be rocking 2 SkyRise roof top tents on their adventure.

Our Blank Canvas
Custom Front Bumper and Custom Paint Job
Ready to Rally!

While there is no real “winner” of the event (it’s just about making it to the party at the end), a Yakima trail steward award will be given out to the Gambler who most embodied the spirit of the event, including providing trail assistance to others and having a strong Leave No Trace efficacy. Learn more about the event here:

The Gambler Tracker

We’ve also racked out the official Gambler Tracker with a custom Custom Roof Rack System and LoadWarrior

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