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His unorthodox views and outrageous energy levels have earned him the nickname “Knot Right”, but it’s clear to see Chad Hoover is really pretty alright.

Tune in to Kayak Bassin TV or Knot Right Kayak Fishing and you quickly get the sense that Chad Hoover loves fishing more than just about anything. The man eats, breathes, and dreams fishing. His enthusiastic, colorful personality make him the consummate TV host to share his passion for the outdoors…especially kayak bass fishing. But Chad is also passionate about serving his country and his fellow citizens—particularly American veterans and soldiers

Originally from the Deep South, Chad grew up hunting and fishing, poling and paddling the Louisiana marshlands in a pirogue of his own design. As a young man, he enlisted in the US Navy to become an officer and engineer. Upon his retirement 20 years later, Chad embarked on his second career as a combination TV host, professional fisherman, author, and outdoorsman.

Chad’s commitment to serving his country and his fellow service men didn’t end when he left the Navy. Chad volunteers as a guide and instructor for Heroes on the Water, which helps veterans and enlisted military decompress from the stresses of combat—or the physical, mental and emotional rigors of physical rehabilitation. On the surface, what seems to be a fun day trip of kayaking and fishing is in fact an incredibly effective form of therapy that works on multiple levels: soldiers receive physical therapy from paddling and fishing, occupational therapy learning a lifetime sport/activity, and the mental health benefits of relaxing in nature without distraction or expectations of performance.

Kayak fishing provides a sort of environmental therapy as well, as anglers can enjoy their sport while reducing reliance on gas-powered boats. The waters remain cleaner, transportation of boats to and from the water is less of a hassle, and other outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a peaceful interaction with natural waterways without the buzz of motorized boats.

When Chad isn’t out on the water, he spends his time at his pro-fishing shop, Hook 1, in Nashville, TN. The store enlists a cadre of brand ambassadors—many of whom are former military personnel—to help promote the sport of kayak bass fishing. Over the next year or so, Chad and his business partners plan to expand the Hook 1 store franchise as the sport continues to grow.

To keep pace with Chad or learn more about kayak fishing, check out Knot Right or Kayak Bassin’ on NBC Sports and the World Fishing Network.



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