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The Best Racing This Side Of The Mississippi

Strait Acres 2022 Recap

You smell that? That’s the sweet smell of racing. And if there is one thing that Kyle and Rachel Strait know, it’s racing. This year, for their annual event in Big Bear, California, Kyle built what could only be the most difficult and fun Dual Slalom course yet.



Ambassadors Rachel Strait, Kialani Hines, and Bubba Warren were all eager to race alongside some of the fastest riders in the world.

Strait Acres Scrub Off

Bubba qualified 3rd, and was looking incredibly fast going into finals. Unfortunately, a nasty crash in practice (watch if you dare..but viewer discretion advised…Bubba’s crash) injured his foot. He fought through the swelling and pain and decided he would still race in finals. During his race run for the bronze medal, his front wheel washed in a corner causing him to put his foot down…the injured one. Bubba has reported that there are no broken bones, and only very bad bruising. He hopes to be back in the start gate in a few weeks.

Kialani At Strait Acres

Kialani showed up to Big Bear straight off the road from Crankworx Whistler, where she raced Dual Slalom, Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge, and AirDH. Needless to say, she was exhausted and coming back from a hefty head cold, yet still managed to come and bring home 4th place in a stacked field of 16 ridiculously fast women.

Rachel during practice at Strait Acres

Rachel obviously plays a large part in this event, being it her and Kyle’s. She not only organizes and runs the event, runs the Strait Acres booth, organizes sponsorship, athlete attendance, and vendors, which alone is incredible enough, but she also manages to race it while also playing with her daughter, Stevie. Rachel qualified 10th and was knocked out in the early round of finals, where she then cheered on her husband Kyle who brought home 2nd place.

Rachel's Ford Bronco

We’ll be back next year for more exciting racing.

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