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Dead Reckoning – A Summer of Getting Lost

“…pack your stuff late, get up early, and hit the road”

We jumped on board to help Yonder Journal, a team of cultural anthropologists and sportsmen, on their latest big project – Dead Reckoning. They loaded up their bikes and did some over-mountain exploration using ancient and modern trade routes. Then they wrote about what happened. Take a look.

“Over the past two years Yonder Journal has investigated, documented, and published the possibilities of Over-Mountain exploration. We call this project Dead Reckoning. We applied the technologies and methodologies of adventure-cycling, bike-packing, and ultra-lightweight-touring to multi-day-style expeditions with a focus on crossing mountains using a variety of both ancient and modern trade routes.


We choose a bike because they cover ground at the perfect speed, are dependable, simple, and adaptable. You have to feed a donkey, put gas in a motorcycle, do so-many-things to a helicopter, have you ever tried sailing a boat over a mountain? And hiking is just so slow.

It is our opinion that bicycles are the perfect vehicle for experiencing the world.


But time and distance frequently keep us off our bikes. So we lean on vehicles to take us to the rendezvous point where the beauty of the bicycle ride leaves the long road in between. This past year we traveled to Vermont, Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, Oregon, Idaho, Colombia and the Republic of Georgia on trips ranging from a few days to a few weeks. While we will always remember the international adventures the local trips get us fired up. A long weekend on the bike is only a short drive away, just pack your stuff late, get up early, and hit the road.

That’s all there is to it.”



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