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A Complete System

Get more gear on your roof and more people in your car with the StreamLine system.


The foundation of your StreamLine System, our towers support the bars that carry your gear. They are secure, intuitive, and have an aerodynamic design that elevates performance and looks good doing it.


Four distinct crossbars integrate with StreamLine System towers to deliver optimal aerodynamic cargo carrying capacity. Proven materials and advanced engineering let you choose from lightweight and strong, aerodynamic and burly, or classically round.


All of the StreamLine towers use our Same Key System lock cores that allow you to have one key for all of your Yakima gear. Available in sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12; optional but highly recommended.


All StreamLine crossbars are compatible with any StreamLine Tower. Choose the color and material of your choice, in the length you need to complete your custom system.


designed for your vehicle

There are a whole lot of different vehicle types out there. Yours is just one. You can get a one-size-fits-all system and cross your fingers, or you can find a Yakima tailored for you. For over 35 years, our dedicated in-house team has committed itself to fitting vehicles of all shapes, makes and sizes to ensure we engineer secure, comprehensive, easy-to-install rack solutions dialed to specifically fit almost every vehicle on the road today—yours included.

Fit My Vehicle

Life is better with a base rack