Take More Friends. Bring Back More Stories.

Ride Small. Travel Large.

Nimble and parkable, your trusty compact isn’t limited
to grocery runs and the daily commute. It’s your adventure mobile, so rig it up right.
We have racks that fit just about any small car out there – yours included –
so you can load up and hit the road.

Rack Your Lil’ Ride

You don’t need a big ride for big adventures

There’s a common misconception that you need a big car to have big adventures… we strongly disagree. With the addition of a Yakima roof rack to your smaller hauler, your tiny ride can easily accommodate you, your friends, and your gear, no matter what the season.

Our racks fit just about any small car out there – from a Mini Cooper to a Toyota Prius, and everything in between.  Simply switch up your gear mounts to accommodate any activity, and turn your small car into a year round bad ass adventure-mobile.

unlimited options for bikes and cargo
When the mountains call - load up
pull out of the city and get on to the water
4 horsepower never looked better
four seats for friends - keep it that way

Building your Adventure-mobile

The Basics of a Roof Rack

A roof rack is the foundation of your small car adventures. Made up of towers and crossbars, adding one to your lil’ ride will expand your cargo space and extend your adventures throughout the entire year.

Endless gear combinations and no seasonal limitations, that’s the roof rack advantage. We’ve tailored our roof racks specifically for each smaller hauler out there, so you can hit the open road with all your gear and peace-of-mind.  Find out what we’ve got for your smaller hauler to get started building your adventure-mobile!

Rack My Lil’ Ride


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