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Bicycling.com – Featuring FrontLoader

Whether a thru-axle hub makes removing your front wheel inconvenient, an oddly shaped frame won’t fit in normal fork-mount trays, or if you just prefer not to take your bike apart before loading it onto your roof, the Frontloader has you covered. The burly bike tray adjusts to fit any wheel size, from a kids’ 20-inch ride to a grown-up’s 29er—and can quickly adjust between the two. Mounting a bike to the rack, at first, will make you wish for a third hand. Once you’re used to the motions, though, you’ll be able to quickly get your bike in place—with the front wheel snug against the main upright—and hold it stable with one hand while you tighten the second U-shaped upright against the wheel using the cone-shaped red knob. Once tightened, the rack’s two uprights have a surprisingly firm grip on the front wheel—three different test bikes with different wheel sizes stayed stable on top of our official test car at highway speeds. A ratcheting strap holds the rear wheels down, helping to keep your bikes secure. An integrated cable lock (with a sold-separately lock core) protects against theft. Installing the rack is easy, too, and doesn’t require any tools. The Frontloader fits on nearly any crossbar—Yakima’s, or others. The only downside is the rack’s bulk—at about eight inches wide, it monopolizes precious rooftop space.

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