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Ramblin’ on the Stringdusters Trail

The Infamous Stringdusters – Ready to Roll

The Infamous Stringdusters love to play festivals. For ten years they’ve been bringing their brand of modern Bluegrass around the country. This year – with fresh material from their new album, Laws of Gravity, they’re looking at 120 shows. Maybe more.

“Travel is part of our mission,” says Stringduster double bassist, Travis Book. “Summer festival season is really special. The experience is firmly on the side of the light – there’s a lot of community around the festival scene – uplifting, supportive, inclusive environment. It’s nice to be with the people and spread good vibes.”

Photo: Harrison Buck


“Living in a bus with ten to twelve people – it gets crowded. When I get home and see my truck in the driveway with Yakima racks on it, it inspires me to get into the woods immediately – chasing waterfalls or finding singletrack – two or three times a day. This makes touring possible – playing music and travel is a lot of time spent inside. Balancing that with being outside keeps me sane.”

To make sure he gets maximum outdoor time, he keeps the truck in getaway mode.

Photo: Harrison Buck

“Yakima makes my vehicle ready. If Yakima were a song, it’d be ‘Let’s Go’ by Madi Diaz. The hitch rack and the SkyBox? They turn my vehicle into a getaway machine – it’s just sitting there ready. I put everything in the box, bike on the back, and load the kids. You just go, you don’t need to worry about it, it’s always there ready to go.”

According to Book, the new album is the best thing they’ve ever done. “We’re super-psyched, but as a band, we’re really about getting a lot of people together to help usher in an experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Festivals are people in the present and grooving to the music – festivals are a special thing.”

Photo: Harrison Buck

And what they play – and how they play it – definitely has that festival mojo. “Our music is very present music. Music like ours has the potential to be a super-positive force. We’re all working towards the same goal – an amazing experience, something real. And we see a lot people with a ton of stuff on their roof – it’s a lot like going to the woods. We have that in common with Yakima. The music’s like the outdoors, it’s about the experience.”