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Nate, Candice, & their four little ones


2005 Toyota Sequoia

Yakima Gear:

SkyBox 21 Carbonite, RailBars, HoldUp EVO 2", HoldUP EVO +2, SlimShady Awning, Shop Wildroot's Gear


Hiking, Travel, General Outdoor Family Time


We’re a Utah-based family with normal jobs, public schooling, and four boys under the age of nine. Before we got married and started our family, the outdoors were a big part of our lives so we wanted to keep this a priority with our kids.

Favorite Place in the Wild
Utah’s Uinta Mountains; endless exploring and some good memories in those hills.

Pro Tip
In a pinch, carry your fly rods under the windshield wipers.

Fast Talkin'

What’s a feature you appreciate about Yakima products that makes life easier for you?

We both agree that ease of use is our number one priority. Yakima products are really easy to use and we appreciate that. They make our life easier, and much more organized and effective.

How do you have fun, kick back, relax, and “take it easy”?

Probably the best way for us to have fun, kick back, relax, and Take It Easy™ is to do our homework and find an isolated place in the mountains to backpack into. Packing is easy and minimal, the kids easily keep themselves entertained, and with no one around, it’s chill for us and the kids. Those are the easier outdoor adventures for sure, where there’s just really not much to worry about—except whether or not the fish are biting! When we go out and about, we tend to go hard and “relaxing” isn’t the first word I’d use to describe adventuring four rowdy boys. So when we want to chill, it’s honestly by kicking it at home. We live in an awesome neighborhood so evenings outside usually consist of the boys running amok with all the neighbor kids riding bikes, skateboards, and playing night games. 

First Car

Nate: Toyota Truck
Candice: Subaru Impreza

Road-Trippin' Music

We mix it up because we take long drives a lot. Recently we took the kids back to the 90’s… everything from Mariah Carey, Metallica, and Backstreet Boys to Lauryn Hill, Beastie Boys, and Outkast.

Go-to Road Trip Snack

Nate: Haribo Gummy Frogs. Duh.
Candice: Red Vines!

Spirit animal

Nate: Golden Eagle
Candice: Cat

If You Could Stand in someone else’s shoes...

Nate: I’d love being Nyjah Huston (the skateboarder) for a day to feel what it’s like to be able to do a million tricks and catch and land them so cleanly.

What would your TED talk be about?

Nate: How applying the concept or principles of branding to our own self can help us be better versions of ourselves.
Candice: Why spending time outdoors can be beneficial for any family.

Guilty Pleasure/ Indulgence?

Nate: Passionately singing in the car like no one is watching. Based on the looks I get sometimes, I can confirm that people are, in fact, watching.
Candice: Watching creepy murder investigation shows.

Hidden Talent

Nate: I’m the best rock skipper you’ll meet. If you don’t believe me, come find me and change your outlook on life. I’m also really good at eyeballing measurements, so that’s neat.
Candice: Able to move my pinky toe without moving any of my other toes.

Lift where you stand.

-Dieter Uchtdorf