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Nick Goepper


Nick Goepper


2019 Chevy Silverado

Yakima Gear:

FatCat EVO 6, LoadWarrior, SkyRise HD, RoundBars, JetStream Crossbars, BaseLine Towers, OverHaul HD, HD Bars (Large), Shop Nick's Gear


Olympic Slopestyle Skier


My way to Take It Easy™ is still getting after it! I ski for a living but LOVE skating, surfing, snowmobiling, and mountain biking. Any time where I can push myself and learn something new, it distracts my mind from other things and I’m usually more relaxed afterward.

Favorite Place in the Wild
I really love spending time in Mammoth, California. There’s amazing skiing there in the spring and great off-roading as well.

Pro Tip
Airing down your tires when going off-road makes the ride much smoother

Fast Talkin'

First Car

Subaru Outback

Road-trippin' music

Dr. Dre, “All in a Day’s Work”

Go-to road trip snack

Roasted almonds

Spirit animal


If you could stand in someone else’s shoes...

Tom Brady. I love him as an athlete and I want to see how he feels at his age!

What would your ted talk be about?

It would be about skiing, life, and exploring off-road!

Guilty Pleasure / Indulgence?

Chocolate chip cookies

Hidden Talent

I love to skateboard.

Everyone has a plan until they get a flat tire.