Take More Friends. Bring Back More Stories.



Cynthia, Andre, Henry, Baloo


2007 Toyota 4Runner

Yakima Gear:

SkyRise HD, SlimShady Awning, TimberLine Towers, JetStream Crossbars, ShowCase 15, LockNLoad Platform (Size B), FatCat EVO 4, Shop Henry and Baloo's Gear


Hiking, Camping, Backpacking with Henry and Baloo


Our crew is made up of myself (Cynthia), Andre, Henry, and Baloo! We adopted Henry and rescued Baloo. We got pretty lucky with this bunch and I seriously can’t wait to see what other adventures await us.

Favorite Place in the Wild
Telluride, Colorado—After having Baloo for only a week, we decided to take him on a weeklong road/camping trip. We got to spend a lot of quality time together, just enjoying nature and each other’s company. It’s a trip I certainly won’t forget.

Pro Tip
Having the SlimShady awning, a collapsible table, and collapsible chairs make any road trip not feel so cramped. Rest stops become a whole lot nicer!

Fast Talkin'

You have one wish…what would you wish to make it easier to do what you love?

Henry: The world’s best bug repellent, so I’ll never be bitten again.

Baloo: To grow as big as Henry, so I can keep up on the trail!

What’s a feature you appreciate about Yakima products that makes life easier for you?

Henry: The SkyRise HD, in general, has upped our camping game significantly! Our favorite new feature that makes the SkyRise even more of a breeze to use, is how the tent cover easily rolls up and stores without ever fully detaching from the tent! I cannot tell you how amazing this is.

Baloo: Well, I can.

How do you have fun, kick back, relax, and “take it easy”?

Our ideal Take It Easy™ day would be hiking in our paddleboards and camping equipment to a remote mountain lake, immediately taking a dip and getting our paws wet, before setting up camp. After a SUP adventure, we’d build a campfire to sit by as we anxiously wait for the stars to come out. To top it all off, we would get to wake up in our tent, to the sun lighting up our own personal mountain view. Because for all of us, it just doesn’t get much better than that.


ZZ Ward is my jam.

Go-to road trip snack

Turkey jerky and clementines

If you could Stand in someone else’s shoes...

Jane Goodall’s. She has always been someone I’ve been inspired by, and I’d love to experience the relationships she’s built with the chimps and just spend a day in her shoes.

Guilty Pleasure / Indulgence?

Coffee and Yerba Mate

Hidden Talent

I ride horses and used to compete in competitive jumping. I also sing but can be quite shy about it.

Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.

-John Muir