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Caring for your skis and boards

Our friends from Coalition Snow
lent us their knowledge on ski and board maintenance…

Who Is Coalition Snow?
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1. moisturize often

Refresh your skis or boards with a hot iron and a snow-specific wax at least once every 3-5 times you ride.

Photo: Crista Valentino PC – @thinksnow20


Each time you wax, inspect your edges and use a set of diamond stones to remove the nicks and burrs that can cause drag and catch in the snow.

Photo: Madi McKinstry – BridgerBowl – AidanWeltner

3. smooth blemishes

Use a stick of P-tex to fix gouges before they lead to serious damage. Melt the stick’s end with a lighter and let the liquid plastic drip into the gouge. Once cooled, use a razor blade to scrape it flush with your base.

Photo: AshleyHutchinson – Anthony Cupaiuolo – @firsttracksproductions

4. get a good night’s rest

When you’re done riding, use a soft dry towel to wipe away snow and moisture, then store your boards and skis indoors in a cool, dry place. We keep ours next to our bed.

Photo: Kate Alice

5. call in a pro

You might encounter something you’re unable to repair at home – massive gouge in the base, maybe a blown out edge. Don’t panic. A quick trip to your local ski tech is the right call and way cheaper then brand new gear.

Photo: Ione Gangoiti – Portillo, Chile – @jo_kinder 


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Photo: Sissy Herant – Chamonix

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